BioStat Decision Tool

The BioStat Decision Tool is a maths-free decision making tool for statistical data analysis, particularly aimed at biologists that have small n-number data sets, such as in molecular microbiology and immunology. The decision tool is now available to purchase as an app for Android and Apple devices. Please note the app does not tell you how to carry out the tests with your particular software package nor does it allow you to input your own data. A basic version of the decision tree can be found here.
Why do biologists need the BioStat Decision Tool?
We are biologists working in the fields of cell biology, molecular microbiology and vaccinology. Just a quick read of the literature is enough to show that most people are lost when it comes to statistical data analysis and presentation. In common with the majority of researchers in our field, we only received half-decent biological statistics training during our studies. We have also found many statisticians to be of little help when dealing with the kind of data we have; often they just told us we needed a bigger n-number, which can be difficult both ethically and practically in fields that include in vivo work and pain-staking sample collection.  So, having moaned about the situation for many years, we decided to develop a decision tool which would give a helping hand to biologists that just want to know which statistical test to use, not how the tests work, and want to make the most of their small n-number data sets.
We welcome feedback and suggestions so feel free to send us an email using the contact us form or via: biostat[at]lucyferrin[dot]co[dot]nz.